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As a group they just look so f’nn sexy 😏💦😍


    As a group they just look so f’nn sexy 😏💦😍

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    I can honestly say I did not see this coming…

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    Anonymous asked: Well I understand were you're coming from when you say mb is boring now so I understand why uou wanna stop doing imagines but ill miss your imagines

    Yeah. We’ll miss writing for y’all and hearing the comments y’all have on our work, but we’re moving on and working on new and bigger projects.

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    Anonymous asked: Does the fact that you stopped writing MB imagines mean that you're not going to post Bad Bitches 2 on wattpad? Because the last time someone asked about it you said that you were almost done with it. Are you? If you finished it could you post it? I love that story. I've been waiting for the sequel.

    We had started it, when we said we were almost finished. It’s about one-fourth done, but we don’t plan on posting it…sorry 

  5. Anonymous asked: omggggg this story was amazingggggg - jailynn

    not sure which story but thanks :) 

  6. Anonymous asked: HI


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    Anonymous asked: How tall is Mindless Behavior?


  8. Anonymous asked: So i just wanted to ask..... do you guys just not like mb anymore or do you just not like doing imagines anymore

    They’re boring now. They haven’t done anything. Their music is okay, but not worth being obsessed over. We just think there are better things we could be doing with our time than obsessing over a group of boys who do nothing but post irrelevant things on instagram and twitter. 

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    I love this so much

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  10. Anonymous asked: hi mb


  11. Anonymous asked: do mb have girlffriends

    Not that we know of

  12. Anonymous asked: hey guys! please don't take this the wrong way but can you PLEASE continue doing imagines they don't even have to be about MB they can be perspective or about anyone but i just don't want all your writing talent to go to waste plus i will miss your imagines too much because i already miss them

    Sorry we just aren’t passionate about it anymore and were super busy right now. But if we decide we want to write something else in the future we will most definitely share it with y’all. :)

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    Anonymous asked: How could you stop writing imagines so suddenly? How could you leave your fans hanging like that? I thought you guys were cool, and this was my favorite blog. But I was obviously wrong. You're just a bunch of dumb bitches. Fuck this.


  14. Anonymous asked: Your stories are great I love them I'll be sitting on the couch like for four hours reading

    glad you like them love :)

  15. Anonymous asked: Hey how are u guys today

    Good :)