“Come on (y/n) don’t tease me,” Ray said trying to get out of the handcuffs. You had his hands handcuffed behind his back.

“But you’ve been bad,” you smiled straddling Ray’s lap. You then began kissing and licking all over his neck causing him to moan out in pleasure. Seeing how much he enjoyed it made you excited. You began grinding into his lap which you knew made him go wild.

“Why babe? Why you gotta tease me,” he moaned struggling with the handcuffs. You smiled and got off his lap. You began dancing in front of Ray giving him a lap dance making him want you even more. You knew the harder you made it for him the more he would work to get you. You began sensually moving your hips in ways Ray had never imagined. You turned to face Ray and began slowly unzipping the cop outfit you had on.

That’s what sent Ray going crazy. He broke the toy handcuffs that were holding him down and was all over you. He had ripped off your dress and you moaned as his tongue began exploring your body.

“I’m gonna make you pay for this,” he grinned pulling out Raytlesnake. You screamed out in pleasure as Raytlesnake explored between your legs. You dug your nails into Ray’s back pulling him closer. Your body began shaking and quivering as neared your climax, but Ray wasn’t finished. He quickly flipped you over so that you were on all fours. He began pounding Raytlesnake inside you causing you to turn red.

“Fuck Ray,” you called out as Ray slowed down into long deep strokes. Your eyes rolled back into your head as raytlsnake explored deep into your body.

“Oh shit I’m cumming,” you screamed as Ray quickened his pace causing you to quiver even more.

“Fuck,” you both yelled out in unison as you came together. You laid tangled in the sheets still panting from your love fest clothes thrown all over the room.

“Man I should be bad more often,” Ray sighed pulling you close. You lay in his arms for the rest of the night falling asleep to Ray’s sweet kisses.