Roc slams his fist down on the table raising an eyebrow dramatically as you spoon more ice cream into your mouth. He frowns never taking his eyes off of the ice cream. When you mimic his facial expression, he snatches the spoon away from you.

“Hey,” you protest loudly. “Give it back!”

Ignoring you, he dips the spoon in the ice cream before dramatically eating it. Unable to watch him eat your ice cream, you lean over planning to steal the spoon back, but danced out of the way watching as you fell on the floor. You quickly stand up and charge at him again frowning every time he manages to keep the spoon away from you.

“Give me back my spoon!” you yell.

“No,” he eats another spoonful of ice cream, and deciding that you had enough, you smashed his face into the chocolate dessert.

“Hah!” you laugh smugly as he wipes his face with a paper towel. “You got exactly what you deserved!”

“Well then you deserve this!”

You barely have time to process Roc’s sentence before the rest of the ice cream landed on the top of your head. The ice cream slowly dripped onto your face, and you grab the container of sprinkles not hesitating to dump the contents down Roc’s shirt. Soon the two of you were throwing every food item imaginable at each other while trying to protect yourselves with the various pots and pans.

Roc hurls a carton of milk towards, and you quickly duck just in time to hear the carton smack someone behind you. Turning around slowly, you see Prodigy standing in the doorway with milk pouring down the front of his shirt.

“Aw shit,” Roc smiles apologetically. “I’m sorry, Prodigy.”

Without speaking Prod rips the half opened bag of flour out of your hands and throws it at Roc. The two of you stare silently as the white powdered completely covered your boyfriend. As he wipes his eyes, Prodigy laughs loudly and you pat him on the back.

“I knew Prodigy would be on my team,” you cheer.

“Whatever, I’ll get both of y’all back,” Roc warns as he grabs a carton of eggs.