Roc’s POV
I leaned back in my chair letting (Y/N) pop it for me. I ignored the jealous stares the other guys were giving me as I watched her dance. Deep down I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but the devil on my shoulder is telling me otherwise. I like living life on the edge it gives me a rush. Always getting high, fucking bitches, and staying on top. Because when you’re at the top of the rap game you better enjoy it because next thing you know someone is going to knock you off that pedestal.

Just then (Y/N) dropped down into a split snapping me out of my thoughts. “Go ahead Roc. Feel it,” she encouraged placing my hand on her ass. “It’s all real.” (Y/N) was cool, but I’m not looking for anyone. I need a girl who I’m sure won’t leave me even when I’m not at the top. So right now it’s all about number one: me.

“Fuck Roc,” (y/n) cried as my tongue dove deeper inside her. After she climaxed I quickly dove inside her speeding up my pace rapidly. She screamed my name as I went faster. As I thrusted harder I couldn’t help, but smile to myself. I had it easy. The bitches came to me I didn’t go after them.

(Y/N) moans interrupted my thoughts. “I’m cumming Roc,” she stammered as I thrusted harder. We both came leaving us breathless on the bed.

I smiled to myself thinking over my accomplishments. Big house. Biggest Rapper in the game. Women always after me. I don’t know why, but the last one made me frown. As I stared at the stripper next to me I couldn’t help, but wonder about my life. It’s like my life almost feels incomplete without a girl to share it with.

“Times up Roc,” she said snapping me out of my thought. “Same time tomorrow.” I nodded as I watched her pack up her stuff and leave leaving me sitting there alone.

Song She Will by Lil Wayne and Drake. They own All!!!