Your POV

I lay in bed beside Prodigy, still out of breath from our sex session. It had been our first time doing it as a couple (although I was certainly nowhere near being a virgin), and Prodigy had put it down incredibly well. I knew that when I left his house in the morning I would be thinking about his loving all day. Shit, when a man puts it down that good, women get addicted.

“So, Prodigy,” I began lazily playing with the sheets, “how many women have experienced your wild side in bed?”

Prod looked over at me, a small smirk forming on his lips. “Honestly?” he asked. I nodded my head in affirmation, resulting in a small chuckled. “You’re my first time, baby.”

Immediately, I sat up to look at him in shock. There was no way in hell that Prodigy was a virgin. With skills that good in bed, he had to at least fucked fifteen girls. Hell, I knew men who have been sexually active for a long ass time, and they could only dream of getting a girl to orgasm three times in one session.

“Look, Prod, I won’t be mad if you sexed other girls,” I said, placing a soothing hand on his shoulder. “I’ll admit I’ve fucked a few guys before.”

“Yeah I know you have,” Prodigy said, shrugging. “But you’re my honest-to-God first time.”

I lay back down in bed, my mind already beginning to imagine how good he would be in bed if he got some practice in. He knew exactly which way to touch me, hold me, move his hips, and what words to whisper in my ear in order to send me over that edge. I don’t know how he did it, but I was glad that I was the only woman to experience this.

“Are you sure?” I asked.




“You haven’t even had a fuck with someone, and you’re too ashamed to admit it?” I asked, curiously.

He laughed, rolling over to face me. “You’re. My. First. Time.”

I stared at him, smiling. “Damn, you’re only going to get better and better.”