For Kennedi
Your POV

I stood in the alleyway, rubbing my hands up and down my arms in an attempt to get warm. Further down the alley, Roc stood talking to someone in hushed tones. I watched impatiently, grinning when the guy he was talking to, slipped something into Roc’s hand. Roc turned and began to make his way toward me, a satisfied smirk on his face.

“Hey baby,” I purred, immediately latching myself onto him. I reached out for the bag of white powder only to have Roc slip it into his pocket.

“What makes you think that this is for you?” he asked. He folded his muscular arms across his chest.

“Baby, stop playin’,” I whined. “You gotta let me get some.”

Roc smirked, already knowing that he had me in the palm of his hand. He grabbed me roughly, tugging me further into the alley so any curious eyes wouldn’t be able to see us. I bit my lip nervously, watching as he slowly unbuckled his pants.

“Work for this shit, girl,” he said, leaning back against the wall. “It ain’t free.”

Pursing my lips in agitation, I reluctantly got on my knees taking his member in my mouth. His fingers gripped my hair tightly, and I fought the urge to slap his hands away as I began to move my head. I ran my tongue over the tip, taking my cues from the way Roc moaned. His hips began thrust in and out of my mouth, but I continued moving my head occasionally teasing his tip.

“Fuck, baby,” he moaned, tossing his head back.

I felt his member begin to throb, and I slid it in as deep as it could go just in time for him to reach his orgasm. My movements paused as he emptied himself out, and once I was positive that he was done, I pulled away.

“Did you like it, daddy?” I whispered, purposely leaning forward so that he could see my breasts.

“Yeah, baby; I liked it,” he grabbed my chin roughly before kissing me. When he pulled away, he slid the small bag of coke into my awaiting hand. “Don’t act too wild tonight; I need you back at the hotel room by 3.”

“For what?” I asked, pouting.

He smirked, zipping his pants back up. “I need to finish what I started, girl. And you better be back by that time. Don’t make me have to hunt yo ass down.”

I rolled my eyes but took the extra time to leave a kiss on his cheek. “Yes, daddy.”