Roc’s POV

I walked into the conjunction house well aware of the stares I was receiving. Wordlessly, I walked into the kitchen, snatching a bag of frozen peas out of the freezer. I sighed in relief when I pressed the makeshift ice pack to the side of my head. I could already feel the bruises forming on my back.

“Roc?” Prod called out to me, a frown resting on his face. I looked at him, daring him to say something about my appearance. For a second, it looked like Prodigy was going to leave the situation alone, but when Ray nudged his shoulder, he continued to talk. “What happened, man?”

Forcing myself to smile despite my bruised lip, I shrugged. “Nothing. Just drop it, OK?”

Ray cleared his throat. “Nigga, you’ve been coming back later and later with these random ass bruises and shit all over your ass. I swear on my fuckin’ life, if somebody is messin’ with you, all you got to do is tell us.”

Prince nodded his head in agreement. “Yeah, we’ll help you out with anything.”

“It’s nothing,” I pressed my lips into a tight line. “I’m fine, aiight? Just get out my damn business.”

“No,” Ray stood up, making his way towards me. Immediately, I turned to leave, but he grabbed my arm, yanking me back. Loudly, I hissed in pain, and he released my arm from his grip, rolling up my sleeve. “Holy shit!”

“What are you looking - damn, Roc,” Prince grabbed my arm. “You have a shit load of bruises.”

I pulled my arm away. “Leave it alone, guys.”

“Are there more?” Prod asked. He lifted the back of my shirt up, and he hissed. “It looks like somebody took a bat to your ass, nigga. What happened?”

“Nothing,” I yelled. I shoved Prod away from me, not caring when he stumbled into the wall. “Get out my fuckin’ business. Why the hell do you care if (Y/N) did something to me?”

Suddenly, there was a loud silence, and I cursed mentally when I realized what I had said. I tried to leave, but Prince blocked the exit.

“What do you mean ‘(Y/N) did something to me’?” he questioned. “She’s small as shit; what could she have done?”

“Prince,” I sighed. “Leave. It. Alone.”

Ray shook his head. “Nigga, we ain’t leavin’ shit alone. Sit your ass down and tell  us what the fuck happened.”

“Damn it, Roc,” (Y/N) yelled. She stalked towards me, and I looked down at her, already knowing what was going to happen. “You just can’t do shit right, can you? I’m sick of all your damn shit.”

“Baby,” I reached out to grab her arm, but she yanked herself out of my grasp. “Baby, c’mon.”

“Don’t you act like this shit is OK?”

She swung at me, and I stood there not even trying to deflect it. The side of my face flared up in pain, causing me to cradle it. I looked at her, again this time feeling her hit me in the eye.

“(Y/N),” I turned around ready to leave when I felt something hit me across my back. I stumbled forward, turning around only to see her holding a lacrosse stick in her hand. When did she even grab that? “(Y/N), what the hell?”

She swung at me again, catching me in the arm. I reached out to grab the stick, but she moved it out my grasp.

“Pause,” Prince held up his hands to stop me from talking. “Son, you need to tell somebody about this shit.”

“Nigga, I ain’t tellin’ anybody shit,” I yelled. I folded my arms across my chest, trying to ignore their stares. “And y’all better not tell anybody either.”

Ray shook his head. “I can’t do that,” he mumbled. “You need to tell somebody before we do.”