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    Bounce It by Juicy J (aka giving him a lap dance)

    • Princeton: His eyes widen with amusement, when he sees you enter the room wearing nothing but panties and heels. He eyes you curiously when you walk over turning on Beyonce’s Dance for you. His eyes lock with yours as you begin rolling your body making sure to show off your moves. You run a hand down your curves, smirking at him. “You like this papi?” You ask. Unable to contain himself any longer, he pulls you into his lap. “Damn, mami,” he says running his hands down the curves of your breasts. “Why do you tease me like this?”
    • Prodigy: He smiles watching the way you strut in wearing that sexy black lace lingerie he likes with matching Louis Vuittons. You slowly circled around him, tracing the hem of his shirt. He leaned forward to grab your ass, but you smacked his hand away. “You can look but you can’t touch.” You smile when you notice the way he is watching you work your hips. You slowly traced your curves, teasing him with what he couldn’t touch. You turned around so he had a clear view of you ass, then slowly began twerking it. I mean hey who says you can’t twerk in a lap dance.
    • Ray Ray: He leans back, his eyes never once leaving yours. He was enticed by the way you made dancing so damn sensual. As you slowly straddled him, you wrapped your arms around him, giving him a full view of your chest. A grin spreading across his face, he eagerly slid a couple of dollars in your bra. You licked your lips, grinding your hips into his, and you couldn’t help but smile when his hands found your ass. What could you say? You were in love with his hope attitude.
    • Roc Royal: A smirk crossed his face, when he saw you enter the hotel room wearing a tight black dress and Louis Vuitton shoes. He could tell by the look in your eyes what was going down. You walked forward pushing him down on the bed. You climb into his lap causing your dress to ride up your legs. You wrap your arms around his neck slowly grinding into his hips. You pull the thin fabric of your dress over your head, as he admired your body. He licks his lips, then reaches into his pocket pulling out a one dollar bill. You eye him curiously, as he slips in your bra. You lean forward so that you are right by his ear. “Baby, you know I’m worth more than that.”
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